Inside Out

It had been a long time since I talked to my Grandfather. Today I called up home to talk with him. In the past three years, most of my time with Daddy (as my grandfather is fondly referred to by all friends, colleagues, relatives, father’s colleagues etc.) was spent with me lying beside his bed watching TV. Today he said he misses me so much that he hears my voice sometimes and has dreams of me lying on the bed next to him flicking channels watching discovery and HBO. Makes me wonder what the hell am I doing in this strange city, 1500 kilometers from home, wasting time doing nothing productive in office while my family misses me so much. Daddy is nearly ninety four years old and the next time I get to see him shall be on the whims and fancies of the Leave Management Software of the organisation I work for.

~ by sleepwalker on December 11, 2006.

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