Crimson Code!

The office is decked up today, almost 200 folks of the Sa-Re ODC are dressed in various shades of crimson! There are heart shaped balloons tied up to cubicles, assorted decorations, confetti, red ivy and suchlike crowd the workstations today, the tech documentation n all seems to have been hastily stuffed into cubicle storage! The people all, seems bright and happy today, the message boards are splattered with colourful scrawls. More scandalous messages have been dropped anonymously into the fish-pond box, to be opened and read out loud on Saturday. I rather like Valentines day, the youthful energy and vigour surrounding it with the Moral Police hell bent on spoiling it all. The Moral Police should better protest against something worthwhile like Nithari, corrupt politicians, crime rate etc.

~ by sleepwalker on February 14, 2007.

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