Go Air, goes nowhere!

An eventful 5 day trip to Delhi ended today, and thus began the saga of GoAir. My Go Air flight from Delhi to Hyderabad was supposed to take off today at 5:35 AM. Yesterday evening at 5 PM, GoAir people called up to say that the flight has been delayed to 10:15 AM – no reasons given. Reached airport in time for 10:15 AM flight, got to know that there is a further delay of half an hour, taking the departure time to 10:45. Boarding for the flight started at 10:45, reached the airplane at 11:00. The pilot announced a further delay of half an hour. At 11:45 the pilot announced yet another delay of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Finally the flight took off at 1 PM. Reached Hyderabad at 3 PM, collected my baggage and reached home at 3:30 PM. Bad day, had to miss office. Flashback to 5 days earlier – When I was coming from Hyderabad to Delhi on Saturday. Had to sit inside the suffocating jet for 2 and half hours (without fresh air, without air conditioning) as there was a leakage in the AC unit, and it was being repaired. Now one thing is surely confirmed that the GoAir people dont have common sense, otherwise they would have de-planed the passengers. The slogan of GoAir should be ‘Fly Dumber’ instead of ‘Fly Smarter!’

~ by sleepwalker on March 22, 2007.

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