The way things are meant to be

Life on job is nothing like I would have dreamed up in college. I have been day dreaming about working for a good organization ever since I was a small kid in school, now that I have a job, I realize that its actually nothing great. Slowly, it has sunk in, that there would be no more lazy days in my life (except Saturday Sunday of course – but then a lot of clothes wait to be washed on these days/bills to be paid/shopping to be done/room to be cleaned). There would be no more summer vacations and two months holidays, so all activities which so far, in the past, I had scheduled for summer vacations, would have to be performed in day to day life (learning to drive, learning to swim etc etc). Work life is pretty stagnant, boring, mundane and monotonous. I wake up at 6 AM and from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM all my activities are somehow linked to office – whether it be getting ready, traveling to Hi-Tech city, ironing clothes etc. There is absolutely no time for socializing with anybody and all social obligations are pushed to the weekend where they have to be adjusted between washing clothes and shopping. I tend to think that I have already made whatever friends were to be made in my life. Now all relationships hereafter shall be professional relationships with office people, as there is no time to invest in new friendships. This is what makes work life so frustrating. Professionals spend such a lot of time in office (rather waste/time-pass in office) that they have no time to do anything else – not even to invest in their own lives. There is no creative work done in office, and whatever good work that exists is always hidden behind layers of procedures and rules and non technical work. In the end satisfaction takes a back seat.

~ by sleepwalker on April 3, 2007.

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