Fooding in Hyderabad

Its been nearly 10 months now since I have been in Hyderabad and what I miss most is mummy ke haath ka khana. 10 months of eating away from home has given me a perpetual dysentry. I cannot seem to find plain north Indian food any where. As for now I goto ‘Raj Gujrat’ in DV colony – 10 minutes walking distance from my apartment near Sindhi Colony foodworld. There was also a time that ‘Eat Street’ was my dining room, with frequent visits with pals, but a few months down the line I have realised that its actually much much easier to gain lots of weight as compared to loosing just a little. From 69 Kg’s 10 months ago to 78 Kg’s a few weeks back to the current 75 – the weighing machine in the office cafeteria has been witness to my struggles with gravity. I have got around to participating in a couple of activities – which definitely help in chasing away boredom and might even make me fit one day. Boredom is a big issue altogether. I have been sitting in office since morning, have done no work as there are not many issues for today. I have lots of labourious work today – preparing documents – following procedures etc. and need no creative thinking, or rather no brain power at all. I wonder why I did 4 years of engineering when I could do the same work even if I had dropped out of school. Life till now – not much physical activity, no actual mental activity (except calculating GMT by subtracting 0530, or calculating america time 14 hours behind). My brain has become like the water of Hussien Sagar – stagnant, smelly, sewage – breeding mosquitoes!


~ by sleepwalker on April 5, 2007.

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