Living with Ileana and Shreya

Life in Hyderabad has so far been an exciting experience. There is a definite charm in earning my own money and spending it as I want to. I am woken in the mornings by songs belting out loudly from a bullock cart ‘mobile temple’. Rubbing my red, sleep ridden eyes, I get up to say ‘Hi’ to Ileana and Shreya, and they pout back at me with their mouth open in a perpetual round ‘Oh’. (I really need to know in which area of Hyderabad do all those pretty girls stay, as depicted in the Telugu movies.) I rather like the Hyderabadi people – they are very mild and gentle. The people of Hyderabad are absolutely unlike the Delhi people or Punjabi’s or UP’ites who always believe in the show of force. Although I am a Punjabi myself, but I am so glad that my training batch had very few people from Punjab or UP.

I used to get up early, till a few days ago, for jogging around in Sindhi colony. But now with the Sun rising sooner it gets hot very early in the morning. Have to get up earlier now. Spending a major portion of my time in office does get very frustrating and now my RM is expecting me to come over on Saturday’s too. I do want to scream out loud – ‘Dont I have a personal life just because I am a bachelor?’

I make sure that my weekends are thoroughly utilised, going swimming, dancing with friends, eating out , and plain simple bakarc**di, leg pulling, washing clothes catching a movie or two, cleaning out the fishbowl (lleana and Shreya are my goldfish)


~ by sleepwalker on April 7, 2007.

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  1. nice blog! njoy the city if biryanis! 😉

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