Whats hot and what not!

The heat is on in Hyderabad. The worst part about it is that I get sweaty immediately after having a bath in the morning, after wearing fresh clothes, dripping like an antique Kelvinator fridge switched off for defrosting. It is impossible to not be ‘hot headed’ in the sun while waiting at the platform with the train having an uncanny ‘accuracy’ of being 10 or 40 minutes late. There is no delay of any other duration, its always either 10 or 40 minutes. A lady fainted at the Hi-Tech city station today. Summer is finally here! Say hello to frequent pimples.

On a different note, I have been assigned to a different project (also) along with the existing one. In the words of my Project Lead – ‘dizzy is a fast learner’. In the new project I have been given some documentation work and some reporting work. As if…. Wow! come on you all know that I love documentation, absolute sucker for non-technical issues, keep heaping all reporting work on me and one day I shall become a very knowledgeable statistician! I am trained in .NET, also hold Microsoft certifications in three .NET technologies and now I have totally forgotten .NET – havent used it since I came to the current project.

We are going to have a new Project Lead next week, and I am supposed to give him some portion of the knowledge transfer… yeah that gives me an ego boost! A 10 months ol’ laddie telling the nuances of few applications to a 3 yrs experienced PL!

~ by sleepwalker on April 10, 2007.

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