‘Cell’domly solitude?

Today I came closest to loosing my mobile phone, as I left it on the reception area sofa’s. A kind samaritan from office deposited it at the security cabin. It was almost an hour when I realised that the familiar bulge is missing from the left pocket of my jeans. Maybe I am one of the tele-unsocial persons ever. I hardly get or make any calls from my mobile. The only calls made are to home, customary ‘haan beta kaisa hai?’…. ‘bus theek hoon papa/mummy’…. ‘kuch naya hua aaj?’…. ‘nahi mummy har din ek pichley din ka clone hota hai’……. etc etc. The battery lasts for full 5 days without needing a charge and phone bills never cross the Rs. 450 figure. Aaah! there was a time when I desperately used to wait for the phone to ring… felt restless and checked it ever so often that it hasnt magically switched off by itself… talked on phone the entire night.. walked around the college hostel with a shy smile on my face.. till my ears ached… eyes turned red from being awake… and slowly dropped off to sleep with the phone still stuck to my ears…

Infact considering that most of my life is yet to happen, maybe I would get to see better days too. Its been only 22 years since I was born.. 78 more to go. Hey bhagwan! just send somebody who understands me… or atleast tries to… or maybe.. just pretends to.


~ by sleepwalker on April 11, 2007.

4 Responses to “‘Cell’domly solitude?”

  1. Hello Mr.dizzy…..
    was so bad tht i use 2 chek d site daily n find no blogs in past few months…..gud tht ur blogs r bak….
    keep writing!!!

  2. Hi dizzy! Its been long since I last visited your page. The reason being : you not visiting it often 😉 Anyways, nice to see you back! And yes.. your story was worth dropping a tear from my eyes.. may be similar instances touch several lives Yours, mine, and perhaps many more 🙂

  3. Laziness and a lack of will had crept in! but now back to regular blogging!

  4. Thts so gud 2 hear!

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