Timeless Travel!

I usually pass my time at the railway station, while waiting for the morning train to office, by reading up a couple of novels. Right now I am lapping up Paulo Cohelo’s ‘The Zahir’. Also listening to the radio, a traffic report beamed of heavy traffic congestion at Punjagutta, Nagarjuna Circle, Begumpet, Banjara Hills, Malakpet etc… The train was again 40 minutes late today. This all kinda fits into the scheme of things – the railways are jammed, the roadways are jammed and I have always experienced a delay of about 3 hours at the airport while going anywhere. Its just a blessing that Hyderabad isnt a sea port! Otherwise I wonder the sea would be jammed too! The best part about the train being late was – a guy held up his hand and pointed at his wrist watch to the train driver, as the train pulled into the station! The driver just grinned!

Train journeys are better, as the train takes only 20 minutes from to Hitec city, which on road would have taken more than an hour. On alighting at the Hi-Tec city station, techies walk slowly at first but then somebody pre-empts a rush and everybody starts running towards the auto rickshaws with their drivers screaming ‘Haitack’, ‘Haitack’. There are infact a few office shuttle buses too (for the privileged few working in Value Labs, Oracle etc) and personal Cabs (for Google or Microsoft people who call ahead while in the train ‘Hi I am reaching the station in 10 minutes please arrange a cab for me’). Earlier I used to travel with a few of my female friends, but now they have been released from their projects and I travel alone – infact now I find a place in the auto rickshaws easily coz even if the auto rickshaw is full – men can adjust in the front with the driver.


~ by sleepwalker on April 13, 2007.

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