Indecent Proposal!

5 weeks of salsa classes have now come to an end. The instructors made my partner and me dance in the center of the studio while everybody clapped – he was illustrating a point that no matter the steps and the technique; in the end what matters is how much you enjoy yourselves – and he called me up as an example! Wow that was exhilarating, me having 2 left feet and never into dancing at all, being made to dance is front if all those people… ego boost!

Went to eatstreet after a long long time, just for a bit of bird watching. Met my niece (all of 8 months), played with her and had great fun. Went to City Center Mall in Banjara Hills again for bird watching, didnt get to see any.

And the main point of the post… I have a friend N (male) who has a friend D (female), good decent people. Now everybody definitely knows that D has something for N, and N also knows about it but he wants to remain only as friends with the girl – doesnt want a relationship. I deleted my own number from N’s phone and saved it under D’s name such that when I called or SMS’d D’s name would be flashed. It was a good 2 hours of fun on Saturday night sms’ing N, explaining why I liked him so much…. poor N was scared that he would get proposed to; while all his friends surrounded him and read every new message as it was coming in live. In the end we broke the news to N and everybody had a good laugh. Yeah I know having fun at D’s expense and all the morality of the issue – but it was good fun!

A little respite from hot days as Hyderabad is witnessing sporadic drizzling. Now back to boring, politics infested work!

~ by sleepwalker on April 16, 2007.

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