Weekend Woes!

Friday yet again! I dont know why it appears that days dont pass easily but weeks fly by fast, and now the weekend is here again. A typical weekend is spent washing clothes, lazing around and catching up with a couple of tasks, traveling around in city buses (the structure of which doesn’t inspire any confidence at all, seems like they would shudder and fall apart any minute). The rainy season is here, and there have been sporadic drizzles in the past week. Entire Hyderabad shall become a huge mighty river in a few days! I remember the training days, few months ago, in which we used to wade through ankle deep water to catch the bus, as no drainage system seems to exist.

Now is that same time of the year that I had had a disagreement with my final year Project guide in college and had to start on a new project altogether from scratch under a new guide – and less than a month was left for submission! That was the best time of my life, for a complete month – working for nearly 16 hours or more on Visual Basic .NET and Oracle – my wrists used to hurt and eyes used become sore and red. I remember that I had gone to watch Da Vinci Code at the Shipra Mall, to take some time off.

Job life is not at all what college people dream of. In the rush to make a living we often forget to make a life. All progress in life comes to a standstill, rigor-mortis sets in and life freezes as no changes take place. Office politics is disgusting, people claim credit for others’ hard work and gain mileage with the higher ups. Everybody becomes so busy wasting time in office that social life comes to a standstill. I definitely wont come in on weekends, dont wanna become a zombie – no matter what my Project Leader says. The onsite people should be doing the weekend tasks – but in our team the offshore people have to slog on Saturday’s and Sunday’s too. People try to show their prowess by bossing others around – trying to prove their capability for going onsite, snatching opportunities by hook or crook. If the onsiters have to enjoy their lives abroad and moreover have a conversion factor of 1 GBP = 89 Rupees, and come back with lakhs in savings, then they’d better learn to handle weekend support too. Oh I just wish college days would start again!

~ by sleepwalker on April 20, 2007.

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