Funky Summers in Hyderabad!

— ‘dizzy there is a call for you’ —
dizzy: Hello
Caller: haan dizzy, mein M*~@#$ baat kar raha hoon!
dizzy: haan batao.

The above conversation took place in office and the caller was my Project Leader! Finally I have made my own space in the team. Earlier, people from cubicles/workstations on either side of mine, would stand up and talk in Telugu while I kept sitting in between bewildered, watching the exchange of words like watching the ball in a tennis match. Team meetings would start off in English and after a couple of sentences with Telugu words peppered in, everybody would switch over completely to Telugu. All I could catch were a couple of english words in between the volley of Telugu ones, and my own name spoken out sometimes. In the end I would ask others to know what discussion had taken place.

I really admire Hyderabad for a couple of reasons – one of them being females doing jobs which are mostly done by men in Delhi. The first time in Hyderabad, when I stepped into a public bus with a female conductor I was surprised, and in fact was proud of the Hyderabadi government when I saw the conductor pushing around making sure everybody bought a ticket. On Sunday, I noticed that the parking lot attendants on the inner road joining Paradise to Sindhi Colony, were all females in sarees, with a whistle on their lips, getting cars parked properly. I wonder when this would happen in Delhi.

Summer Funk dancing is on in full swing, dancing with the gang, floor exercises, running around and getting ready for office after the dancing session, running to the station, catching the train, office, getting bored, long pointless meetings, running to the station, catching the train at 7:30 PM, running home relaxing at Paradise with a glass of Lassi at 8 PM and chatting up friends, sleeping and dancing again at 8:00 AM in the morning…… washing clothes on Saturdays and meeting up with my 8 month old niece, swimming on Sundays! The Shiamak 2007 Summer Funk Dance stage show would be at Shilpakala Vedika Audi on 8th of May and our group of 25 odd people would be performing on a Hindi movie song. The month of May would be exciting, have also got a trip planned for the end of the month.


~ by sleepwalker on April 24, 2007.

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