Jo hota hai sab bhale ke liye hota hai

Nowadays, I am taking a lot of solace in cribbing about life, my job, the climate etc. I really cannot say what exactly the reason behind all this is, and why I have given such a lot of power to some people to have an impact my emotional state of mind – those people who play only an insignificant role in the overall scheme my life. Life is after all what I make of it. I dont know why this happens, maybe its just a nagging loneliness that I feel surrounded in, despite of being in the middle of friends, making masti and having fun, but when the fun stops even for a few moments I feel lonely all over again. Loneliness in the middle of a crowd – this definitely sounds absurd. Pata nahi kiski talash hai, samay ke ek pal se doosre pal ke beech bus ek khalipan ka aabhas hai.

Some of the things that happened today-
1) Had ‘veg chettinadu’ for lunch (they have nowadays renamed it to kadhai veg – a general curry with vegetables thrown in). They made chettinadu today, tomorrow it would definitely be Tindly.
2) Felt very sleepy after lunch, but had to sit at my desk and make sensible conversation about an application problem to the operations people managing the server.
3) Lay down on the bed on reaching home, the mattress felt radiantly hot and had to search for a cool spot on the pillow after every few moments.
4) Realised that the I always get a wavy, topsy-turvy feeling in the pit of my stomach, every evening, when the bus frequently stops and moves in the traffic logged stretch from Banjara Hills – Punjagutta – Somajiguda Circle – Begumpet.
5) Just back from a bike ride around the Hussein Sagar circumference, starting from Tank Bund road to lumbini park, Prasad Circle and then cruising slowly along Necklace Road.


~ by sleepwalker on May 2, 2007.

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