Child Marriage!

Two weeks of fun came to a close yesterday after the Summer Funk 2007 performance at Shilpa Kala Vedika. It was an awesome experience, the rehearsals, the sound and lights, the audience, reporting at 11 AM for the technical rehearsal and the chit chatting amongst troupe members and sharing food, the hooting, screaming, cat-calls, cheering, flirting, bird watching and having pure fun with those whom I had become so close to in the past two weeks. The show was mind blowing and some of the sequences were very innovatively choreographed with the troupe wearing ultraviolet light reflecting gloves to create eerie effects and another using lighted torches while dancing with the stage lights switched off. Our troupe went into the audience at the end of our sequence and made them rise and dance too!

I came back home very tired and hoarse from all the screaming and cheering and wild dancing, played with my 8 month old niece who now keeps running around the entire house in her walker, picking up stuff, smelling it, putting into her mouth and then throwing it around. She has now learned to crawl a bit and its great fun simply sitting and watching her.

One of the former colleagues of my father came home (Delhi) a couple of days ago and presented a marriage proposal for me. Mummy refused flatly (without even consulting me 😦 at all) citing that dizzy is all of 22 years old, just settling down in life and has not even found a stable job yet. Not discouraged at all he went straight away to my dad’s office to pester him to get me married off. Papa also refused to even consider the proposal. He kept on pestering my parents, later it came to be known that the girl was two years elder to me, so the proposal got shot down automatically.

~ by sleepwalker on May 9, 2007.

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