Hot and Priceless!

Summer Funk has come to an end, life is not so hyperactive any more. Life is good – outside office. Also got to know that one of the the most cutest gals of the summer funk batch, lives just a few houses down my lane. I know that I am a bit old now, to be running after college girls (or am I? I just graduated from college last year) The truth is I never did a lot of things in college, which I am doing now. I admit I did not study at all, but time spent in other activities gave me a subconscious guilt.

Lately have been thinking of shifting base to Madhapur. The 15 KM travel from my current location is a real pain and takes nearly an hour. Although I have actually fallen in love with Sindhi Colony – with its youth power, but I still dream of a place where I would be surrounded by pretty nymphomaniacs.

A T&M I had been working on – has now come to an end, back again to normal boring life in office. The main problem is that all of my friends are so busy wasting time in office that personal life takes a backseat, I guess its this frustration and incredible loneliness that drives people to study and get in post-graduate courses, or even marry.

Saw ‘Life in a Metro’ – didnt like it at all, in one of the scenes Shilpa Shetty asks the Shiny Ahuja “Who left first, did u leave her or did she leave you” and the guy replies “Love left us”. Love is a pretty confusing concept on its own, now that I look back I realise that ‘Ex’ could not achieve a lot when she was in love with me, dislike for me drove her in her professional life. She wasnt the brightest bulb of all, to start with. When we were in the same college – I called her to enquire about a book she had issued from the library, and asked her the barcode number (as in our library, books with consecutive barcodes were kept in the same place) and this is the reply I got “bada danda, chhota danda, chotta danda, fir bada danda …….” {big bar, small bar, small bar, big bar} I remember that I used to explain C++ programming to her on phone and chat and she could never do anything without me, as she always said “you are my last resort”. Now after breaking off she was able to study and give her GRE and did pretty well in TOEFL too. She could actually achieve more when she disliked me, as compared to what she could do while we were still together. Her strong dislike for me, after the breakup, actually gave her a goal in life. Ofcourse it further helped her that somebody chatting anonymously, abused her, she assumed it was me, and started detesting me after that. She went out to common friends and told them “dizzy said such n such on chat…”. Even after knowing me closely for three years, she still chose to believe what she did – obviously hate does more wonders than love ever could.

Nowadays it has become very very hot in Hyderabad, the moment I lay down on my bed at night the heat from the mattress starts to make me uncomfortable, as a result I slept without a mattress at night. Have got one of those plastic coolers, but nothing seems to be effective and the cooler ends up making my room humid and sticky.

Taking on from Barcodes – today I am wearing a Tee with a huge barcode behind, with the words “Priceless!”


~ by sleepwalker on May 15, 2007.

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  1. Hi dizzy!

    The sequence of incidences you pinned here reminds of the way life treated me over the past few months!
    A girl achieving far more things, a far better company of people and most importantly, a better reason to live. All without me in the picture! Until my presence, things were good, I was the savior, best friend, love, et al but now things are the best! Though the love part may be missing. Huh!
    Seriously, no one quits at first, the love does is sooner than anyone 🙂
    You made my nerves get freezed by this!

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