Leaning tower of Pizza!

Even though I was up all night due to the atrocious heat and humidity – I am not going to crib about it anymore. I should have been intelligent and looked for an apartment which is not the top floor of any building, top floors heat up very soon and living in them is hell!

The only reason roomie and I shifted to our current place, was that it was located at the center of Sindhi Colony. It not only had the definite advantage of proximity to Foodworld/Fresh/Paradise etc (all this was not there at our previous accommodation at Prakash Nagar + that area was seedy), but Sindhi Colony also has a double advantage of being one of the places with an abundance of pretty young females, roaming around. Loafing around with friends, on the staircases, next to Scoops/Koutons, is pure unadulterated delight. This is one of the reason some of our female friends have nicknamed us “Chichorrey” (pronounced Chhi – chho – ray). So I am still confused if the cons of a top floor residence balance out the pros of eye tonic availability. Our daily pastimes now include, rejuvenating our senses visually.

Our kitchen is full of Pizza Boxes, precariously balancing atop each other, looking like a cardboard skyscraper – the leaning tower of Pizza. Roomie believes that Pizza is the only salvation for people who like to have dinner at 10:30 PM. Shops and eateries at Sindhi Colony, start downing shutters after 9:30 PM, the police comes in around 11 to forcibly down shutters of the the non-compliers. Roomie finds nobody else willing to home deliver food after 10, hence the phone operators of Pizza Hut, Dominoes and Pizza Corner have come to recognise roomie by voice. We have more than 2 kilos of ketchup sachets and almost a kilo of seasoning sachets with us – all stamped with the different logos of pizza delivery outlets.

~ by sleepwalker on May 21, 2007.

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