Hari Sadu!

I absolutely and completely identify with the new (hoarding) advertisements for a job website which go like this ‘Hari Sadu version 4.0, pops up when you are about to shutdown’. I have had a similar experiences in the past when a colleague would come up with trivial inconsequential issues right at 6:30 PM, and insist that the work be completed on the same day. As a result I would get late only by four to five minutes, no matter how fast I worked, and end up missing the shuttle bus to the station, due to which in turn I missed the 7:30 train and consequently had to wait for the 8:30 train and reached home by 9-9:15 PM, more than an hour late from the usual time. Thus a hold up of 5 minutes in office cuts down my personal time by an hour, not to mention lounging around on the crowded station and getting bored waiting for the next train. All it took was some guts, standing up to somebody 3 years senior, and a firm snub. I made it clear that even though I am a junior, I am not to be taken for granted. From that day onwards, I have not faced any particular problem, but the colleague seems to be threatened by my attitude.

Appraisal has been triggered off for me today. Lets see what rating I get.

~ by sleepwalker on June 11, 2007.

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