A game of numbers!

Hritik Roshan has signed a contract for 35 crores, to make 3 movies over the next 3 years. Hritik has been in the movie industry since past 7 years, when ‘Kaho na pyar hai’ was released. Lets consider an IT employee, working with a company with a starting salary of 3 lacks. If this employee continuously gets a top rating and an appraisal of 1 Lack every year (highly unlikely though), his salary would become 10 lacks p.a. after 7 years. Now if we calculate the odds – It would take a well educated IT employee, working hard on projects, up to date with technologies around 350 years to earn as much as Hritik would earn in next 3 years. Awesome!


~ by sleepwalker on June 12, 2007.

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