An year

16 June 2007…. exactly 365 days have passed since I left Delhi on 17 June 2006, carrying a huge green suitcase and smaller bags, and caught the evening Jet Airways flight to Hyderabad, to join my first job… just 10 days after passing out from college. Leaving behind my parents…. to build a nest of my own, in an unknown city, amongst unknown people who spoke unknown languages . A lot has changed from that day, my attitude, my life, my priorities, my friends, my personality and my thought process. I still remember that day very clearly…. when mom and I boarded the flight, there was a lot of turbulence and the captain repeatedly requested people to keep wearing their seatbelts. It was raining in Hyderabad when we landed. Bro-in-law came to pick us up and then began the ride through the perpetually jammed roads to my sis’s house at Anand Nagar, Khairatabad. At that time the city was new to me, I remember that we took Minister Road, then Necklace Road and crossed beside Prasad Imax to reach home. Mini rivers, gushing through the watterlogged streets, came to greet me as I stepped out of the car and heaved the luggage to th first floor. I spent the next few days shopping in Hyderabad, and found that there were only 2 malls . The Prasad’s and Central. The central was not exactly a mall, just a big shop.

Almost 400 freshers were supposed to be inducted into the organisation on the day I joined. Everybody was bundled up in buses and taken to Hotel Viceroy (renamed since, now known as ‘The Marriot’) where joining formalities were completed. The next three months rushed by fast, waking up at 6:30 reporting at the bus stop at 8 AM and then reaching back home at 8:30 PM. Roaming around with friends, next to Hussein Sagar and staring at the stars at night before returning back home at 11 PM. All guys always accompnied the girls to their PG accomodation and then walked back from Paigah colony to Prakash Nagar. The last month of training was in the Morning Shift, and I used to wake up at 4:30 AM, report at Mayfair at 5:30 AM and then back home at 3 PM.
Yesterday I took the reverse route of my first journey in Hyderabad, walking all the way from Khairatabad, to Prasad’s then through Necklace road and to Minister road where I presently stay. My sister has left Hyderabad now, and shifted to another city.

An year ago, time seemed to be flying by pretty fast, now time has slowed to a crawl.

Current song in my head: Dard mein bhhi yeh lab muskura jaate hain, beete lamhein humein jab bhhi yaad aate hain.

~ by sleepwalker on June 16, 2007.

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  1. congrats on completing 1 year in industry 🙂

  2. -Simran: thanks Simran! been a very exciting experience so far. I came to hyd on 17 june…. and I complete an year in the IT industry on 3rd july. have learnt lots of new things in the past 1 year!

  3. thts really nice…
    hav been reading ur posts frm a very long time…. i enjoy reading ur posts 🙂

  4. -Simran: Nowadays my life is pretty slow, so blogging had also slowed down sometime back! life@work is like this, everyday is a clone of the previous! same office, same politics! all my time is spent waiting for Saturdays n Sundays……

  5. congrats!!! sir. all the best for many more years ahead,,,

  6. -Abhishek: Thanks yaar! I look forward to the years to come, which shall bring many new things in my life and exciting experiences too!

  7. I finally found your blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dizzy : I was checking through IP addresses and all the people who checked my blog, or linked to me or I am linked to them, then suddenly I found your name. It was like : WOW !!!
    After you left , I just couldn’t find you anywhere.
    Good to see you blogging and earning now, now that you are over with the student life and the monkeys of Delhi.

    I loved drive through Necklace Roadand sitting in Eat Streat and watching the lake infront and the boats and the moon reflection on the rippling water and sometimes accompanied by fireworks on the other side.

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