Hot Denims!

The title shall be justified later. Hyderabad is rainy rainy yet once again and the memories of last year came flooding back. I remember those days when I used to get ready for training in those smart formal clothes n shoes and walk proudly with the company identity card slung around my neck. Yeah! those days were glorious, the satisfaction of spending self earned money, flashing the ID card at door sensors and watching the lock disengage and the door swing open. All that stuff used to fascinate me, made me feel important, and now all that is just normal, I don’t get excited anymore!

Nowadays a new project is keeping me busy, designing a site for a friend running an educational consultancy firm. WordPress is so versatile as a CMS, its very easy to customize it for any need.

Today morning I splilt hot coffee in my lap…. and thus the hot denims!

~ by sleepwalker on June 28, 2007.

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