The God of small men!

Just back from a visit to Tirupati temple. The trip was great! It was the first time that I traveled in a Volvo, and my… it is really smooth! even got to sleep for a few hours. There were only seven people traveling in the bus, so I could afford to stretch out across four seats and doze off! On the way we stopped at Reliance Dhabha for dinner, the food was great! Not like the general south Indian food (spicy, rubbery) at all! The food tasted rather good and the tandoori roti’s were big fluffy and soft!

It took four hours of standing in line, before reaching the main temple, and after that the visit was a breeze.
While visiting one of the smaller temples, suddenly a Member of Parliament appeared with her parents and daughter and a carload of gun tooting security personnel. One of the security guys was carrying a novel which the MP’s daughter was reading (using government people, paid for by our taxes, as a personal servants?). The crowds were parted and the MP’s family was escorted into the temple for a private tete-a-tete with God. The huge lines with people (who get only a half a second glimpse of the Idol between a push and pull by temple personnel), were forcibly thrown out of the main temple complex, for the MP’s family to have a half-hour special attention session – while the old and infirm waited their turn in huge serpentine queues. The servants of the public toot their power becoming an inconvenience to the very same public which gave them power in the first place. The general public is frisked for mobile phones etc, the MP’s family was very happy using their mobiles in the temple. Men arent equal even in the house of God, or maybe men are equal for God but arent considered equal by their fellow humans. Infact I think the temple rules were made by man so he has no problems breaking and bending these made up rules for other men, since man has the power to tweak anything which he has made.

Now that I think of it, even God was made by man.

Pretty confusing! I think a bit too much.

~ by sleepwalker on July 7, 2007.

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