The week that was….

Life is like a sunset over the the sands of Rajasthan, gleaming yellow rays touching the white hot sands. An endless expanse of nothing. A temporary mass of golden sand, each grain of which would unhesitatingly shift to other dunes at the slightest touch of wind. Makes no sense? Makes sense to me….. sometimes.

I feel so terribly sick today – not homesick, but sick with longing for something. I want this elusive ‘something’, and would set about to get it as soon as I manage to identify what exactly I want. I know I am missing something in my life, I need something more, but I dont even have a clue to what exactly is missing.

Got flirted with last week (I’d term it flirting, anyway). Had gone to a friends place and one of her guests ended up anonymously sms’ing me having got my number from the host. Anyways, I dont know why, but I felt happy that somebody went through all this trouble for me.

Dancing @ Shiamak’s is on all full swing for the batch presentation, after which all batchmates will get together and party! There was an SDIPA party on friends day too, went with a friend of a friend – a childlike gal, did a bit of salsa/rock n roll/jive and did lots of masti to the Deejay. A salsa workshop shall be conducted by Katya Virshilas in October – the instructors made her sound like some gorgeous demi goddess.

Have lots of work to do in office, but dont feel like doing anything. Hitting on random blogs since the morning and peeking into others’ published lives.


~ by sleepwalker on August 13, 2007.

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