It was 10 yesterday evening, suddenly Viv felt like watching a movie and dragged me out of bed. I am an early sleeper and had already dozed off, after ironing clothes for office and getting my daily fix of the internet- on apartmates PC. Zipping through the streets of Hyderabad at 11 at night on a bike, is indeed a wonderful experience. The SP road (always clogged with vehicular traffic, crawling ohh sooo slowly) was a delight to drive through and it took hardly a few minutes to reach IMAX – it seemed as if a dialup internet connection had been upgraded to 2MBps broadband!

I am sure ‘Gandhi my father’ didnt appeal much to the masses of Hyderabad as getting a ticket was a breeze (which never ever happens at Prasads). My take on the movie – Gandhi was much too of an idealist and Harilal was much too gullible and volatile. The SDIPA instructors were all there at Prasads, having come to watch ‘Chakde’, and every male eye was tuned to our female instructors – following them around the theater.

I have been watching lots of movies nowadays and voraciously devouring all the books from the office library. Time passes so quickly on the local trains, when I am hooked on to a book, otherwise the journey to and fro office is pretty boring and tiring with all the pushing and jostling going on in the MMTS can of sardines. I have spoiled my ears already with the music player, and now I shall exploit my eyes a bit before turning back to the ears.

I had slept over at Viv’s and Nav’s place last night, and getting ready for office today was a struggle, having gone to sleep at 3 and waking up at 6.30. Back to office again for a little more boring work, I feel as I might doze off any moment. Yaawwwn!

~ by sleepwalker on August 14, 2007.

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