Shock n awe!

I am always such a dork in front of people whom I am overawed with. I always manage to make a stupid comment or two in such situations, comments which others cannot even make a head or tail of. I had gone to the Shiamak SDIPA office today – to copy the song to which we’d be performing to tomorrow. I met one of my instructors there and tried to make a little small talk – in which I miserably failed. Anyways, had to go to central to shop n passed time lounging around in front of central, waiting for it to open – all the while listening to the song and mentally dancing and cursing in my head. The song is -Shamur: Gonna make it and we are doing it hip-hop style, with basketballs as props. Hope it goes well, we’d be practicing a lot today.


~ by sleepwalker on August 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “Shock n awe!”

  1. hey how r u?
    All d best!
    hope ur performance goes well:)

  2. I am good, life’s treating me well!
    Thanks! will post about tomorrow’s presentation.

  3. will wait 4 tht![:)]

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