Im out of witty titles!

Woke up early, got ready, listened to the song continuously – after all it was Presentation Day! Pri came around 9 and we rode that scooty of hers, to Ravindra Bharti at Lakdi-ka-pul, her hair whiplashing my face in the entire ride through Tankbund to LKP. The venue was heaven and ncm and me started eying the assembled females picking out those who interested us most, all the while pretending to search for the other people of our group.

Ravindra Bharti looks a bit like anand theatre from the inside, only a bit smaller. We took some pics before the performance and then sat up right in the front when the presentations started. There were around 40 sequences lined up and ours was the 27th or so. Finally our turn came and we moved to the wings, were scared, wondering if we would remember all the steps of not. This is the second time I have danced on stage, the experience on the whole is very interesting as the people onstage are blinded by all the lights focused on them, and can only catch a glimpse of audience sitting in the dark. I did stumble once or twice, but everything did go well. Clicked a lot of pics with the instructors and my group

We all then proceeded for lunch at Ageethi, b hills. Chatted a lot, pulled each others legs promised to meet regularly and then split up around 3 to go home. Viv didnt let me rest once I reached Prakash Nagar we went driving around the Necklace road – paid the customary visit to Eat Street, chatted while walking along the Hussein Sagar perimeter and finally returned home after nightfall. Woke up today morning and Viv dropped me back home on his bike. It was an awesome ride to Sindhi Colony at six in the morning, the cold morning wind blowing right into our faces, giving us red noses and watery eyes.


~ by sleepwalker on August 20, 2007.

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