Delhi Diaries: Day 2

The Priya complex redemption:
So my dreams of visiting Priya Vasant Vihar were realised today evening. Lazed all morning and noon, read up a few newspapers and chatted with mom n dad, explored the PC, listened to a few songs, didnt even have a bath. Somehow it was 6 PM, and then it struck me that this day in Delhi is going to be wasted, immediately sprung into action and had a bath and then ….. had to go ‘vegetable’ shopping with mom :(. The phone has been ringing off the hook since morning as all relatives are calling up, inquiring about my health and the after effects of the spicy gulti food.

As a reward for the patient veggie shopping: mom then accompanied me to Priya and finally I had a feast of staring at bare legs, arms and cleavages’ of pretty young females with kohl lined eyes, although I had to be pretty discreet in the ‘visual analysis’ of the anatomy of the opposite sex, due to mom being around.

It was dinner time, and mom and I tried out ‘Dilli Zaika’, then trawled around the Dollar Store for useless stuff and came back home around 9. Now I am calling up a few people in connection with the dying hard drive of my 7 yr old PC.

I shall surely have a fitful sleep tonight 🙂

~ by sleepwalker on August 26, 2007.

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