From Marredpally to MotiBagh….

In the last two years of air travel, it was the first time that a flight, with my name on its passenger manifest, took off on time without unnecessary, boring delays. Even more surprising was the fact that this flight, in question, belonged to Air Deccan. The airline has changed, it now allots seat numbers, and there were some pretty passengers aboard too!

Delhi Day 1:
Landed at Delhi airport at 07:30, reached home at 8 am. Everything seems so different, and yet everything is the same. The car is parked in the same place, although with new dents and scratches. I went through the entire house, comparing with the mental pictures of 6 months ago. For a change, I had a good breakfast and then set off to visit sis.

Being driven around by a chauffeur, is far cry from traveling inches from oblivion, hanging out of the local trains in Hyderabad (chauffeur sounds so pompous, I guess ‘driver’ would be a better substitute in this context). So I was driven, through Gurgaon, through all those shining, sprawling, wonderful office buildings, residential complexes, through all those malls, staring bewildered at the development that has taken place while I was happily plowing my way at the Nampally’s, Lingampally’s, Kukatpally’s, Ameerpet’s and Begumpet’s of Hyderabad. Its now against the law in Delhi to listen to the radio while in a moving car. I was anyways sapping up all the entertainment from the surroundings.

Met neice.. yeeay! She is now an year old, has grown taller, runs through the entire house on all fours and has grown some teeth too. She has started walking a couple of steps, but she starts crawling after that. She wouldnt let me leave when it was finally time for me to go. I would get to see her again on Monday!

It feels really strange having a driver, now all I have to do is sit and stare outside. Passed though the Gurgaon malls again on the way back home, through VK and the gigantic malls being constructed there, through Priya Vasant Vihar (sat up straight at this point, hoping to catch a glimpse of superficial females dressed in tiny clothes), and then finally reached home being driven through the once familiar streets.

Slept like a log once I reached home, had slept only 4 hours in the past 48. Woke up in the evening, chatted with mom and then went for my eye checkup. Heard about the Hyderabad blasts when I came back and then immediately rang up my friends. Viv was at home, Nav and all were at IMAX watching Harry Potter – the hall was vacated mid-screening and the poor guys had to walk back all the way home as there was no public transport on the roads, cell phone signals were jammed in some places and incoming outgoing calls were barred.

Woke up late today and have been reading/watching about the Hyd blasts in the newspapers/TV.

~ by sleepwalker on August 26, 2007.

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  1. hey thts nice…so howz life at home 🙂

  2. life’s lazy and I am making the most of this vacation 🙂 enjoying home cooked meals and long sleepy afternoons!

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