Delhi: Day 3

Yeaay! It was a Monday and I didnt goto office! A strange cacophony now emanates from the house as everybody tries their level best to keep Niece from getting bored. Niece, is infact a very generous toddler which is often exhibited by the fact that she very cutely offers others’ bits of her own (half chewed) food, and goes as far as putting it between others lips and then poking her finger in to ensure it enters the mouth. It is a very satisfying experience watching sis carefully shovel spoonfuls of food into her mouth – which is then promptly sprayed onto the walls and into sis’s face. The task of blogging is now being carried out on sis’s lappy, my desktop being prone to rebooting every few minutes due to mechanical problems in the hard drive.

The day started with me taking grandad for some blood tests, for his impending surgery this week. I finally got to drive the car as the pesky driver wasnt there early in the morning. I then had a good amount of sleep, broken by Niece crawling up on my tummy and trying to chew off my ears, later at noon I was running around the entire house trying to latch onto some unknown wi-fi network, which had suddenly began to show up on the lappy – while everybody was busy sleeping at home. In the evening I again got a chance to visit Priya for a minute, while searching for an ATM – that minute turned out to be one of the most disappointing minutes of my life as no skin was to be seen anywhere.

All in all – the last 3 days have been very relaxed, having home cooked meals and playing with Niece. I tend to get bored very easily while at home. Maybe I would go and meet a couple of my friends soon – might as well make the max of my Delhi trip.


~ by sleepwalker on August 27, 2007.

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