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The last few days at Delhi:
The hard drive of the home PC finally died and I had to rush to Nehru Place to get a new one. My parents are now the proud owners of a 160 GB hard disk – which is a significant upgrade from the 20 GB we had since the PC was assembled seven years ago.

Niece’s first birthday was celebrated at the Army club on Wednesday, and got to see a lot of Army people there. It was a perpetual fashion show all the time, I wonder why all these females come so dressed up just for a visit to the library or to lounge around. Thursday was spent at Priya having lunch with a friend, on Friday I went to Noida to meet college friends, got gifted a copy of ‘Lonesome Gods’ by PP (while she kept my old one) – she says that Johannes Verne reminds her of me. Saturday was spent playing with Niece. Sunday morning I flew back to Hyderabad, surprisingly Air Deccan did not disappoint me this time around too, it was a hopping flight Delhi-Bhubhaneshwar-Hyderabad and Deccan got two chances to mess things up but it didnt, and we reached Hyd on time. Obviously there was nobody to receive me at the Hyderabad airport.

Yesterday, went to see ‘Transformers’, and we were all very pleased to observe that there was at least one miniskirt present and also a gal with a backless top – at the Prasads mall. The gals acting in ‘Transformers’ were super hot too. Yup! I am definitely becoming a pervert.

Given the (ever increasing) candidness of this blog, I have since long being mulling over bringing a few changes to this site. Over a period of a month, all my personal information shall be removed from this site with the painstaking process of editing/deleting about 220 posts. Links to and from my orkut profile shall be removed and after a month the web address of this blog shall also change to hide my identity. This blog shall continue to exist, however at a different website and I shall post under an assumed name. There are a lot of people who regularly visit/read this website, but very few leave any comments, I dont even know who the lurkers might be – could be anybody from my next door neighbor, to my parents, or even my boss.


~ by sleepwalker on September 3, 2007.

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  1. Hey there!
    Nice description of the past week! Good to see you enjoyed. Why a decisive step to delete the stuff from here and move on to a different blog?
    Whatever, I shall keep peeping in! 😉

  2. sudden decision……
    do post d diff web address 🙂

  3. @praval: had been thinking about this for long now, posting too much personal info in the net is dangerous, since I dont even know who all read it, and I am blogging about more n more stuff nowadays, so better to blog anonymously!

    @simran: the address change will take more than a month! I shall have to go through all posts first and remove any info from which I can be identified, all the old posts shall remain!

  4. Hi again!

    I’m sure you would be amazed to see my comment over here without me asking you for this new address! heh! 😉 But as I said, I’ll keep peeping in, here and there. This address, that address!
    Nice makeover for this blog man! Keep the good work rolling! Best wishes for all your endevours. 🙂

  5. Oh yeah! I remembered this name sleepwalker ever since you left Delhi and moved to your current place. 🙂 You had plans to shift on this blog since then! Congratulations for a new interface! God bless. Amen! 🙂

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