My experiments with Gandhigiri

Utee and I (used to?) run a very dirty house indeed, dusty, filthy, dishes piled up in the sink with fungi growing on them, garbage rotting away in bags. I used to cleanup now and then but over time I noticed that Utee wasnt reciprocating much, so I stopped doing whatever I used to and the place became a full blown sewer in two months. Discussed this with Viv and decided to do a spot of Gandhigiri to see if that worked. In the past week, I have cleaned up the kitchen and the rest of the house and its looking good now, Utee used to keep watching me with bewilderment (fear?) in his eyes. I used to tidy up everything and do the dishes at night when he locked himself up in his room. I didnt ask him ever to help out. Yesterday Utee (voluntarily?) washed up some utensils too, maybe this Gandhigiri thing just might work.

A guy traveling to the HiTec city, in the overcrowded local train, fell down and was crushed under the wheels today morning. I will now definitely try to push my way a little in from the door now.


~ by sleepwalker on September 10, 2007.

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