Noble Pursuits!

A few days ago, Utee and I were discussing about doing postgrad after resigning in July 2008. We both agreed that we need to add onto our resumes’ and study further. Utee wants to do his MBA and I prefer to pursue MS in computer science. We both also agreed on the fact that we should definitely go abroad as we would have to settle down in the next 3-4 years and till then we should live life kingsize. We would already have a 2 year work experience by next July.

The most likely destinations for this noble pursuit, were narrowed down to USA, Australia and Singapore, as each place has its pros and cons. Everybody is heading to USA nowadays, so the US has been automatically ruled out. The choice is now between Australia and Singapore.

We came out with a three pronged strategy to decide the school/country:-
1. It should be above average but famous.
2. The education mustnt be too too expensive, like those schools in Europe.
3. The abundance of pretty females.

Utee and I then came to the conclusion that girls are definitely good in US and Australia, but US and Australian education is definitely expensive as compared with Singapore. Singapore has only one good place to go to – the National Uni of Singapore, but US has many good schools. Then we decided US is no good, everybody’s in US nowadays. On the other hand Australia has lesser number of good schools but Australian girls are definitely better than the Singaporeans. In the end we could not really decide on a place to go to. I would have loved to study in the UK – Utee pointed out that the pound is too damn expensive and UK may not satisfy our third requirement.

What we did not take into consideration were the ‘trivial’ factors like – studying for GRE, clearing requisite exams for entrances, applying, getting selected and gathering the money!


~ by sleepwalker on September 12, 2007.

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