A luxury called personal space

The only problem with Hyderabad is the transport system. Technology is surging ahead at breakneck speed in HiTec city, but the people who drive this technology just cant get to their offices. Train travel is becoming worse and worse by the day. First of all, the frequency is so abysmally low – trains from Sec’bad to Hi-Tec have more than an hour’s interval between them, and secondly the trains are just too damn crowded. The carriages are a jumble of arms and heads. Even if you get to know that somebody is picking your pocket, you cannot prevent it as everybody is so badly packed together. I travel hardly 3 inches inside the door and there are atleast ten people hanging behind in those precious inches. Barely four days ago a guy was killed after falling from the 9:57 am train to Hi-Tec.

I have now come to recognize almost all South Indian brands of hair oil after being pushed around into everybodys face. Personal space is a luxury which train travelers cannot afford. Maybe in a few days I would even be able to recognise people from the sweat which they so liberally rub off on me, or even by the style in which they cough and sneeze in my face. The only thing I can do is to turn my face the other way, to disturb somebody else diligently picking his nose.

Disgusting, I tell ya.

The only consolation is that the train takes twenty minutes, and even (usually) when its half an hour late, the total travel time comes to an hour. Traveling the same distance by road in equally crowded buses, in the crappy Hyderabad traffic takes almost an hour and a half or even more if it rains.


~ by sleepwalker on September 13, 2007.

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