Life Mundane

So things roll on, no change, the same schedule everyday. Katya Virshilas salsa classes would definitely spice things up from next week. Have decided to apply to universities for MS, the only hitch being that I need 2 letters of recommendation, which would be really hard for to produce as I dont think any faculty member from college would be willing to stake her/his reputation recommending me.

Transcend replaced the mp3 player without any tantrums, so I can now download new songs and listen to them while getting bored in office. Last couple of days had been interesting in office due to some high priority issues, and now all’s back to normal. Saw ‘Dil, Dosti Etc’ over the weekend – pretty girls, college feel, although the story (or lack of it) was pretty disappointing. Also had gone to cousin’s place for her first marriage anniversary, as a messenger from her parents in a different city, took along sweets and a bouquet and the customary cash in those envelopes with a rupee coin stuck on. Had to listen to her mother-in-law ranting on and on how I dont visit often and dont even call. Somehow escaped, pretending that I had to goto office.

Have cleaned up the entire apartment… one of the biggest achievements in the past 10 days.

~ by sleepwalker on October 1, 2007.

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