He strolled into the Library, she looked up expectantly hoping to catch his eye and say ‘Hi’. He walked past without as much as a glance in her direction, she screwed up her face scornfully and went back to reading her novel. He looked back at her, she pretended to continue reading, he smiled and walked away. There was something which he liked about her, she wasnt the ‘babe’ he dreamed of, yet he liked her. He wanted to attract her attention to himself, he discussed her with common friends. He teased her mercilessly whenever they all got together as a group, he totally ignored her whenever they came to face to face alone. Of course its not love, he thought, I dont even know her, I havent ever talked to her for longer than a minute. Of course it was not physical attraction, he knew perfectly. It was not even an infatuation. He could never put his finger on why he was interested in getting her attention.

~ by sleepwalker on October 4, 2007.

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  2. […] her like some despo, didnt even go up to her to make small talk. I also tried to make small talk to the office gal, realised that I had failed miserably when she looked up from her monitor with a ‘wtf’ […]

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