The Simple Life!

Just back from a ‘Monsoon Dance’ organised at office. It was just as if the college days returned. Dancing with all friends, ogling at girls dressed up in their gravity defying, delicate, shiny clothes. I realised that I am a rather simple guy, having girls wanting to dance with me is enough to have my ego skyrocketing. My feet are really sore with all the dancing now, and it was great fun sharing crude jokes with friends and singing on the bus back home.

One the return journey home, a group of girls and we all happened to be sitting in the same office bus, we started singing and they started to cut in between. It became sort of a competition of singing songs, cutting each other in between. The gals group sang romantic songs and we used to start off with songs trashing love and romance. In the end, after having reached back at Hyderabad, after the hour long journey the gals group alighted and waited for us, and finally waved their goodbyes.

I dont know why such things give me pleasure, maybe because I was in a ‘boys only’ school in Delhi. I came in contact with girls during the first year of college and then I came to know that its fun dancing with girls, in the second year college I was transferred to JIIT Noida, from JUIT Waknaghat – didnt have many masti loving friends at Noida and didnt really enjoy the remaining three years of engineering life. Immediately after college I joined my current employer, was selected in the oncampus placement drive during the pre-final year. After coming to Hyderabad, and working for the ’employer’ I have come in contact with many people and made many friends. It is the first time that I have a mixed group of friends – not the ‘guys only’ gang which I had since bachpan days.

~ by sleepwalker on October 6, 2007.

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