The Professional!

I am bored and sick of professional life, the same old story everyday. A colleague is getting released and so the workload would fall square on my unreliable shoulders from the first week of November – the unexciting work of managing an application which has untrained, mostly female users, who keep clicking on stuff at random and come running back with their questions, when things get screwed up, demanding essay type answers to their detailed and descriptive questions. Sometimes I just feel like tearing out my hair when the same person comes back with the same set of questions after regular intervals and I have to explain the same things all over again knowing pretty well that I would again have to clean up the mess they make with the software, and explain the same things to them yet again after a few days. I wish I could just scream out ‘RTFM’ at them.

Yesterday I crashed my own office PC while trying to enable the sound card (disabled due to some stupid office rules), and thus today I kept sitting around uselessly, waiting for the IT people to come and reset the BIOS. I did the unthinkable in the afternoon – went over to a friend’s house and slept for over 3 hours after lunch, and reported back at 5 PM. The team leader did miss me and kept on asking the other team mates for my whereabouts, but he also knew that I was too bored today as my PC wasnt working and I couldnt even surf the net to pass time.

The latin dancing classes are also ambling along slowly, today was the third day of the total 6 days of the special workshop being conducted by Katya Virshilas. There is a shortage of girls in the class and the guys have to take turns dancing with them. This makes progress agonisingly slow as the same steps have to be repeated all over again when the next guy takes his turn with the same girl. The girls are getting double the practice while the guys are not even getting half of it.


~ by sleepwalker on October 10, 2007.

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