Weekend masti!

The Latin dancing classes finished off yesterday, and a television crew had come from some local Telugu channel – to interview Katya and have some footage of her teaching us. Katya can be really sarcastic sometimes, even while smiling all the time. I guess she got impatient with us since the past 2-3 classes. Things were slow during the workshop due to the lack of females. Clicked up a few pics with Katya after the classes and headed back home – the dance batch friends had decided to have a breakfast party at my place.

The girls had got everything from home – sandwich stuffing, toaster, dosa batter, tomato chutney, cooking oil, coffee, sugar and milk. We stacked away the (meager) furniture to the side and spread the big ‘chatai’ on the floor. Nel and Pri made awesome dosas, while Rin, Nav and M concentrated on the grilled sandwiches and milk shake. The rest of us were chatting up, pulling each other leg and watching TV.

Afterwards everybody did the dishes, mopped up the kitchen and set everything in order before dispersing. Always in the past, friends (other software people) used to frolic at my place and leave the entire place in a mess. But things were different with this set of friends – they swept, wiped and cleaned everything – leaving my place much cleaner and tidier than it was before.

It was the first time food had been cooked at my place, since I rely on the ‘dabba’/tiffin system for my meals, so even the basic necessities for cooking (oil, salt, sugar etc) were missing but Pri, M and Nel took care of everything.

In the evening, I went out to watch ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’ came back late, had a breezer and slept at Nav’s place. Nav made a breakfast of soybean nuggets, this morning, and now I am back at my own place watching the washing machine struggle with the clothes.

~ by sleepwalker on October 14, 2007.

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