Shaken not stirred

Yesterday I graduated from breezer to sweet martini. The occasion was an ex-roomie’s birthday and we went to Kaboora’s at Lifestyle. The food was passable, over salty, even the live ghazal singer was boring. I started off with a red wine, which I had already tasted at Goa and then the sweet martini.

It was nearly 10 pm till the time we finished up dinner and then Rin (the only female in the group) demanded a chocolate pastry. It was closing time for all shops. The damn pastry shop had closed too but to pamper Rin, all guys requested the owner to roll up his shutter and serve us.

We went to 10 Downing street and Sparks to see what the ambiance was like. I havent seen the inside of a pub since past 5 years, had gone once earlier to Annabelles in Delhi for the schooltime class 12 farewell ‘conti’ party. That was the first time I had seen a pub/theque and miniskirt clad girls at such close range.

Back in boring office, we are shifting to a new building and some teams are leaving today, people are packing up their stuff in cardboard boxes.

~ by sleepwalker on October 15, 2007.

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