‘M Back!

The past three weeks have been the quickest weeks to pass during the recent times. A lot has happened, and even though I wanted to blog all about it, I couldnt.

We had a party in office and some guys n me from the project performed on stage, so in this process that cute TL from a few cubicles down the line, became my friend. The practice sessions for awesome fun and so was the main event.

Went home to Delhi last weekend, for Diwali…. stared and stared at all those hot Delhi girls at Priya Vasant Vihar… and kept think to myself “they are way beyond my league”. Had awesome fun the four days I was in Delhi, and now back to office 😥

Nothing is happening in life…. I am just hanging around waiting for things to change.


~ by sleepwalker on November 14, 2007.

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  1. hi….
    wishing u in advance….
    happy bday….

  2. thanks simran!

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