The ‘do it yourself’ party

Nav, Sin and I gave a joint ‘do it yourself’ party on Sunday. I have now perfected the art of hosting DYP.

The basic methodology for having a DYP is:
-> Nothing is bought readymade from the market. Everything is made at home.
-> All invitees help in preparing for the party – some are given tomatoes and onions to chop up, others are given the responsibility of decorating the venue, tidying up etc.
-> In the end everybody cleans up.
-> the entire venue is cleared (of party debris), furniture moved aside, music is switched on…. and then…… naacho!

I have noticed that the if people participate in chopping up onions and cleaning and all – they never get bored during the party, maybe the ‘do it yourself’ part gives them an ownership of the party.


~ by sleepwalker on November 21, 2007.

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