just sometimes……….

sometimes I feel like screaming like crazy from the top of a mountain…..
sometimes I feel lonely in the middle of a crowd
sometimes I cannot find peace anywhere
sometimes I think I cannot any get more satisfaction than I already have
sometimes I think there is a lot more to achieve that I can ever possibly dream of
sometimes I think of myself as Stanley Ipkiss from the movie ‘The Mask’… before he found the mask…… and sometimes I wonder where that mask is…

I ran (rather walked) the 10KM ‘Hyderabad run’ on Sunday. The route went around the entire perimeter of the Hussein Sagar. The cute chick from summer funk was also there… I just stared and stared at her like some despo, didnt even go up to her to make small talk. I tried to make small talk to the office gal, realised that I had failed miserably when she looked up from her monitor with a ‘wtf’ expression on her face.

I dont even know why I feel so lonely lately.

~ by sleepwalker on November 26, 2007.

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  1. Sometimes it happens with me also.. nd I guess with many others also The only diff is you have ascribed the thought…
    Now I got why you were watching the movie with full concentration and even didn’t move from the bed to have your lunch. I guess, will watch the movie tonight

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