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Life is back to the usual, a roller coaster for a second and then monotonous and boring during the next. I have reduced the frequency of my blogging during the past several months, many times I feel the need to blog but cant, sometimes its just laziness, sometimes its the lack of proper words to represent my emotions, sometimes its utee squatting at the home PC and the other times its just too many people around my workstation in office, preventing me from thinking coherently.

Shiamaks winter funk happened on Sunday, the show was good and Shiamak also came to attend it. I found Shiamak to be a pretty down to earth guy, he had none of the usual starry airs of celebrities. He kept peeking from the wings during performances and the crowd (all SDIPA students) used to go berserk watching him peeping.

This was my third stageshow with SDIPA after attending the Salsa, jazz beginners, jazz elementary, latin dancing and jazz elementary advanced classes over a period of the past eight months or so. I have become a stage addict now and also a dance enthusiast, although I still cannot think up new steps while dancing at DJ parties. I am not a natural, not having had the inclination or opportunity to dance at many occasions during my childhood and adolescence. I learned to dance through a mathematical process, counting to the music and fitting steps in, I can never really catch up with the natural dancers. Viv pointed out that I overact while dancing, like I overact in front of the office chick – hoping to get noticed.

Have also been looking around for a vehicle nowadays, I know for sure that I wont be staying in Hyderabad for more than an year from today, but the lack of conveyance is really getting on my nerves now. I found out that all cars within my budget look like ugly ducklings crawling on the jammed roads. Still havent decided what car/model I want to go for. I shall be joining the “Anna motor driving school” from next week to learn driving a geared car.

A trip to the Tirupati temple is planned for the next week, so another week shall fly by quickly. The last 3 weekends have rushed past very fast due to some or the other event happening, the 17-18 Nov weekend was spent in preparing for the birthday party, on 25th was the Hyderabad 10K run, 2nd December – the Winter funk stageshow and next weekend I would be in Tirupati. Weeks fly by very quickly, but individual days do not pass that easily.

~ by sleepwalker on December 4, 2007.

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  1. How about getting a non-geared car for you buddy! eh 😉

  2. double the cost and half the mileage. too expensive for my limited salary 🙂

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