Nagada baja… hooye!

I was feeling a desperate need to blog, even though as usual, I dont have anything different to write about. Blogging has been my constant companion during the intervals of extreme loneliness that I feel often nowadays, now that the winter funk is also over – I have no place to invest my excess energies at.

Life feels like a party – a party to which I have not been invited to, but somehow I am present, feeling out of place…… or maybe a party at which I am invited but have nobody to talk with so I keep walking here and there appearing to be self absorbed and busy so that nobody can see how insecure I am. I keep wondering what I am supposed to do to keep myself occupied, I really have nothing to do, same old boring work in office, sub-zero social life. I have such a lot of friends and I do a lot of masti with them but my social life is like an ocean wave, suddenly there are such a lot of people around me for a few days….. laughing and joking and having fun….. and equally soon there is nobody left. I also keep wondering why I keep on having these abstract thoughts.

Had a hair cut after many days, seems as if I was the masterpiece of the day for the barber, he spent a lot of time snipping away around my head…… now I am the proud owner of a little less hair. Ate the cute TL’s lunch at office, stole her lunch box and emptied the contents into my stomach, the poor girl didnt realise her tiffin was empty till she picked it up lunchtime and found it to be light in weight. Her cook had made some excellent daal and nutri-nuggets, I am surely going to marry her cook one day……

~ by sleepwalker on December 5, 2007.

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