The business of religion

Back to where I belong. An office where green pillars support a false ceiling, a place where posters are put up on the walls describing how successful the ODC is with the client’s account, a place where the airconditioning is either too cold or non-existent, a place where peoples’ eyes drill holes into flat screen monitors, all the while talking quietly on phones, a place where people crowd around each others desks and stare into thousands of lines code; murmuring excitedly in a mixture of Telugu, Hindi and English, a place where everybody walks around purposefully their eyes scanning the maze of half-walled cubicles. A place where there is a pin drop silence and people glare over the desk partitions at those who talk loudly. A place where I look at everybody around me working so hard and wonder what the heck am I doing here.

Back from a 2 day trip to Tirupati, absolutely saturated with visiting temples. Have visited a lot of temples during this two day trip, temples where there are huge serpentine queues, temples where people can feed cows for a week by paying a thousand bucks, temples where you can bypass the huge queues by paying for a premium ‘darshan’ ticket. Temples where, after traveling for hundreds and hundreds of kilometers and waiting for hours and hours on end, you get to look at the deity for less than half a second, before being brutally pushed around (and screamed at in Telugu) by the guards.

Today morning’s commute from home to office was a harrowing experience, the cab driver thought of himself as Michael Schumaker thundering down what appeared to him as a grand prix stadium instead of the congested traffic logged roads of Ameerpet and Punjagutta. Anyways now I am back at my desk, waiting for the evening – when I can go back home…… and be bored again.


~ by sleepwalker on December 11, 2007.

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