Would you goto … ?

As a bachelor living in a rented apartment, I have often come across people (living with their parents/college hostel/P.G. accomodation) who ask me with a shy smile on their face “yaar tera room milega kuch time ko?” (can I have your room for a few hours) – hoping to catch some solitude (or some action) with their girlfriends. Last week, a female I barely know, called me up and asked the same question – “kya tumhare paas ek room milega”. The first thing that ran though my mind was – oh what a shameless girl. She has met me only once, barely knows me, is not even my friend, and here she is looking for some action with her BF that too in my room.

Later during the course of the conversation the female clarified that she needs a room to stay and explained that being the cheapskate she is, she needs a guy friend to look around for an accomodation for her, instead of hiring an agent. This is the same girl who has called me up once before asking me to steal the newspaper from the office library as she wanted to read an article. This very same girl who often gives my roomie a missed call hoping that he would call back, saving stored cash points on her prepaid phone connection. Once when Utee didnt call her back she tried to give me a missed call, but I immediately accepted the call since I was ready for it with my finger on the button. Now poorer by a couple of rupees the cheapo asked to talk to Utee, I shamelessly lied and told her that Utee was in the loo. At this I got severely reprimanded by the female. She said that I should maintain decency and take care when I am talking to girls and say that Utee is busy in some work instead of announcing that he is in the loo. I nearly laughed my head off. After this outburst she immediately forgot her anger and began to ask for favours.

What makes girls think that they can get away with blatant exploitation of the male species due to the virtue of them being female?

~ by sleepwalker on December 16, 2007.

3 Responses to “Would you goto … ?”

  1. heh! Something similar has happened with me quite a few times when I used to live with a friend of mine, in a rented accommodation. Still, a girl never happened to ask me for such pleasures 🙂 May be they were never sure, if I would try and fancy my chances too! 😉

  2. Hmm. There is definitely no inherent reason for why women are that way. It’s partly learned, and it’s partly laziness, which is not gender-specific. Many American women are the opposite…we go out of our way to prove to guys that we’re capable and competent on our own, and that we don’t need to exploit them because we want to do things ourselves. If we want to read a newspaper article or find an accomodation, we will dig our heels in to the point of absurdty to make sure guys understand that we’re not helpless. Just a few of my thoughts.

  3. One big reason is this — a lot of guys are complete chumps and are willing to put up with this. The reason girls start demanding so much is because they know that there are guys who will be willing to give it to them!

    Now once at least some guys are willing to compromise on this and be complete wusses and treat women like queens, other guys soon lose their bargaining power. And girls begin to act like it is their birthright.

    Only way to stop this is for these sort of guys to grow spines.

    Rhea, also makes a good point — I know quite a few girls that way. Especially girls in the West.

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