Points to ponder

I had a tough time convincing the girl that she wasnt actually in love with me. I dont know what she saw in me, that she fell for me. The worst part was that she was taking my turning her down as a personal rejection. She wanted a detailed explanation from me about what was wrong with her so that she could improve and then I could take her as my companion once she was up to the mark. It was as if I have no choice in choosing my own partner.

I wonder if it actually works the other way too? There’s this good looking chick who sits right across from me in office. She is very reserved, doesnt talk to anybody other than her own team mates and has a close group of (women only) friends. She wears almost 1 kilo of Kajal every day to office and has some pretty dangerous curves as well. If I do walk up to her ask ask her to be my partner because I like her, would she actually agree (notwithstanding any of the reasons she might have to turn me down…. including a pre-existing boyfriend) and not file a complaint against me with the HR department.

~ by sleepwalker on March 10, 2008.

One Response to “Points to ponder”

  1. In one word, “no”?

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