The great Indian Hypocrisy

And yes, today I am going to write about a subject that I dearly love and hate, desire and loathe….. FEMALES!

Sample this: You are one of the 20 odd people waiting for shared cabs at the Paradise intersection. Its been nearly an hour since you have been waiting in the unrelenting sun, having covered your face with a hanky – a weak barrier against the pollution. You check your watch every few minutes, aware that the Project leader is going to glare at you when you enter office. Suddenly a cab slows down near you. You rush towards it only to find a couple of females also running in the same general direction. There is pushing and shoving amongst people to get into the cab, but since guys cannot push the girls…. they respectfully get a seat. The girls can shove guys or even step on their toes with their heels, but if somebody jostles the girl she would emit a shrill ultra sonic screech that usually sounds like “oooh”, “ouuchh”, “stupid” and glares as if she is surrounded by criminals and rapists.

An indica seats four people in the rear and one in the front. The incredibly sexist cab drivers and the equally opportunistic stupid females make sure that the females ride upfront while four bulky guys somehow squeeze behind. Yeah and then these girls talk about equality.

Does equality mean tipping the scales the other way to ‘overbalance’ ? does equality mean that females occupy seats in the general compartment in the local train instead of their nearly empty ladies coach further reducing the available space for us guys? (especially in a city like Hyderabad that has overflowing trains from which I regularly see guys falling out and getting killed). Does equality mean that females are free to push and shove to get into a cab but if they get pushed in return they make stupid noises? Does equality mean that only and only females get to ride in the front seat always?

I propose that a new phrase be coined – ‘female bigoted bitch’ as a counterpart to ‘male chauvinistic pig’. Females do face problems with a few ‘touchy-feely’ guys, but they should stand up for themselves and slap such people silly, instead of tipping the scales to the extreme other end and making victims of all guys universally.


~ by sleepwalker on March 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “The great Indian Hypocrisy”

  1. Good point, mate. Sentiments echoed.

  2. Yup. Agreed.

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