Dirty pink, here to stay!

This weekend I celebrated Holi in the wildest way ever. I am still pink all over, with the ‘pukka rang’ and I know that it will take almost 10 days, for the color to fade away from my nails, and bathroom floor to stop turning pink whenever I have a shower. Made umpteen glasses of ‘thandai’ and then drove around the city in the unexpected rain on Holi day.

Went to watch ‘Race’ yesterday. Its one crappy movie, with lots of twists/turns and no logic. Although the ambiance of ‘Sensation’ theatre was good. ‘Sensation’ has Lazyboy type sofas and it was fun stretching out on them for the movie.The best part is that tickets are mostly available in current (if you go an hour early), which seldom happens in Hyd as the movie crazy Andhra public usually saps up tickets in advance for every movie however crappy the story may be.

The worst part is that due to some twisted sexist logic, girls are allowed to buy as many tickets per head as they want (P got 7 tickets for us) while guys get only one ticket per head. This makes the guys queue unusually long and further reduces chances of ‘guys only’ groups of getting tickets. Guys have to wait for an hour in the queue, while girls who reach 10 minutes early for the movie get a ticket by walking straight up to the counter and demanding a separate ‘ladies line’.

~ by sleepwalker on March 24, 2008.

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