My Life – The new season, airing now!

And we are back again, broadcasting live about my life. Nothing much has really changed over the past 8 months that I was away from this blog. I have become very very bored with mundane life, my employer has become one of the most famous IT companies in the world with all the scandals rocking it, I still dont have a lady love, there isnt any work at office, my roomie is still as unhelpful as ever in keeping the house clean. In short everything going on around me, the events, the conversations, the scandals; everything bores me a lot.

Yesterday I broke all protocol and called in sick via sms. The best part about this is that I really dont care what my Team Leader or my manager will think about me. As the situation currently stands, I havent done any productive work since the end of January, and no good work seems in sight for the near future. So since the past three months, office to me just means sitting at my desk, attending a couple of meetings and browsing all day long. Sometimes when I get really bored I leave early.

One of the better things to happen in recent days was that somehow I got passes to a fashion show in Hyderabad. Beautiful women walking the ramp in high heels, naked arms, legs and shoulders…… it was fun!


~ by sleepwalker on April 28, 2009.

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