And we come and go as we please

Woah! I am back. I am definitely a very very irregular blogger, I guess I have been very very disillusioned with my online and offline life lately. So now hopefully I am back for good. Lets see how long the blogging redux lasts.

CAT 2009, my new goal, is just round the corner. Well not exactly round the corner considering the weeks/months left but yet, whatever time is left, is very less when compared to the amount of work that needs to be done to be in a comfortable position to give CAT confidentally. Life as I know it for now is pretty slow, yes I do go out with friends a lot, yet there is this saturation all around which weighs heavily on my shoulders. I do need to meet lots of new people, make new friends and develop my personality in general (Hey people in Hyderabad reading this, meet me!!)

Dancing and swimming have been abandoned for a few days as I cannot get up early at all. God knows what has happened to me. I desperately need to pamper myself. Hmmmm….. Lets see…. maybe I shall get a makeover.


~ by sleepwalker on July 22, 2009.

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